Psicópatas del Mástil Metodo de Guitarra Electrica en español CDs y Pdf MEDIAFIRE

Con 2 Cds y libro Pdf

Ejercicios con partitura y tablatura.

4 niveles; 220 ejercicios con todos los acordes, escalas, riffs, técnicas y recuerdos del blues, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, british pop, soul music, hard rock, heavy metal, punk+hardcore, funk-metal, grunge, rock alternativo, techno-rock. Los modelos de guitarra más utilizados y una lista con los temas imprescindibles de cada estilo.


Primer nivel - Iniciación
1. Acordes mayores y menores. Ejercicios de potenciación
2. Escala pentatónica (forma menor) Ejercicios y aplicación práctica
(forma mayor) Ejercicios y aplicación práctica
Cómo combinar pentatónica menor y mayor

Segundo nivel
Recomendaciones para formar un grupo
Grabación de maquetas / portaestudio
Efectos de sonido
1. Escala diatónica -natural- (forma mayor. Ejercicios y aplicación
2. Escala diatónica -natural- (forma menor). Ejercicios y aplicación
Combinación de escalas pentatónicas y diatónicas

Tercer nivel
1. Ligados (hammer-ons y pull-offs). Ejercicios de potenciación
2. Slide, armónicos, vibrato. Ejercicios
3. Bending / variedades. Ejercicios

Cuarto nivel / Evolución de la guitarra de Rock
1. El blues
2. Rock'n'Roll y Rockabilly
3. El pop británico
4. La música soul
5. Hard rock y Heavy Metal
6. Hardcore y Punk
7. Funk-Metal
8. El sonido grunge y la música alternativa
9. Apuntes finales
- Tendencias de fin de siglo
- Rock industrial y Techno-Rock

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Extreme Metal Drumming 101-Flo Mounier


This release from Canadian drummer Flo Mounier is one of the first, (and still one of the only) educational sources around at the moment on "Speed Metal", "Grindcore" and "Death Metal" drumming which is a growing genre of music. The first disc of this two disc set focuses on the techniques needed to play effectively in this genre. Flo discusses the basic elements fundamental in playing extreme metal drums as well as showing exercises, routines and tips facilitating speed, endurance and control. The second disc focuses on live performances with Flo s band Cryptopsy, clinic performances, over the top solos, extreme songs and drum duets. As Flo's playing has inspired many different types of drummers, so will the contents of this 2 DVD set. The DVD-Rom (Disc 1) is PC and Mac compatible. Flo Mounier is the drummer of the Canadian Death Metal Band Cryptopsy. He has been with the band ever since they renamed themselves from Necrosis to Cryptopsy. He is most known for his technical skills and speed incorporationg double bass drumming and blast beats mixed with a jazzy play of ehythms. He is considered one of the most talented Heavy Metal Drummers of all time. 

About the Actor: Flo Mounier is the drummer of the Canadian Death Metal Band Cryptopsy. He has been with the band ever since they renamed themselves from Necrosis to Cryptopsy. He is most known for his technical skills and speed incorporating double bass drumming and blast beats mixed with a jazzy play of rhythms. He is considered one of the most talented Heavy Metal drummers of all time.

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Chad Smith-Drummer For Red Hot Chili Peppers - EASTERN RIM DVD 1 Y 2


Take a behind-the-scenes look at a drum clinic hosted by the Chili Peppers' drummer himself.

Chad Smith: Eastern Rim is a jam-packed 2-DVD set that includes performance footage, insightful drum clinic material, touring diaries, and interviews with the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer himself.

Features include:

Drum Clinics: Chad demonstrates his power and skill in clinics filmed in Australia and Japan. These clinics offer multiple camera angles (including overhead and foot-cam) and show Chad playing with original recordings from Stadium Arcadium as well as classic rock songs like Led Zeppelin's "Rock 'n' Roll" and "Moby Dick." Performances: In addition to rare, behind-the-scenes views of a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, this DVD captures an explosive 30-minute improv session live from Federation Square in Melbourne. Chad and his bandmates surprise the crowd by turning a scheduled drum clinic into a full-fledged jam.

Interviews: Exclusive to this DVD, Chad discusses his influences and inspirations. He offers unique insight into a rock drummer's life, sharing anecdotes from life on the road.

Early Works/Bonus Material: Pulled from Chad's personal archives are videos and audio snippets of performances before he joined the Peppers, as well as recent side projects showcasing his versatility and adventurous spirit.

Also appearing: Glenn Hughes (formerly of Deep Purple), Flea, John, Anthony, and the Red Hot Chili Pepper family.

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The Gateway to Rhythm - John McLaughlin and S. Ganesh Vinayakram


Konokol is the universal system of mastering rhythm without drums. Guitar legend John McLaughlin, who has advocated this system of learning rhythm for over 30 years, brings it all together with Konokol master Selvaganesh Vinayakram, one of the foremost percussionists from India. Divided into six chapters, the student moves from basic understanding of rhythm into the wonderful world of improvisation. Exercises are explained and demonstrated followed by improvisations which include all the exercise material of that particular chapter. You will learn through this course how to improvise rhythmically and how this system can help in your compositions. Following this, John McLaughlin explains and demonstrates on the guitar the benefit Konokol has had on his improvisations, and its usefulness in his compositions over the past 30 years.

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Hudson Music - Groove Alchemy - Stanton Moore


Hudson Music and Stanton Moore are thrilled to announce the release of the Groove Alchemy DVD, a complete method for developing a massive vocabulary of grooves in various funk-based styles, along with a historical overview of some of the key grooves in the development of funk. Says Moore: Groove Alchemy reflects the program that I have put myself through to improve my own funk and groove playing. It s a groove boot camp that will vastly increase your knowledge of classic grooves and more importantly, will also ignite your imagination and make you a funkier and more creative drummer. On the 3-hour Groove Alchemy DVD, Stanton presents a historical overview of some of the most important drum grooves in history, showing the basic elements and conceptual development of each groove. He then shows you how to learn from the past and develop your own complete vocabulary for creating new funk grooves and patterns on the drumset. Starting with an in-depth study of the James Brown drummers (especially Clyde Stubblefield and Jabo Starks) and Joseph Zigaboo Modeliste of the Meters, Groove Alchemy goes far beyond a mere history lesson by applying Stanton s concepts for making your own playing more creative, musical, and funky. Topics include using variation and style combination to create new grooves, using rhythmic structures and clave ideas for advanced drum set vocabulary, hi-hat concepts, getting creative with backbeat grooves, a look at how to develop swing and shuffle grooves, and more. Intercut with the educational segments, Stanton s trio also performs new tracks from their latest CD (also called Groove Alchemy, Telarc Records), showing how many of the grooves discussed are applied directly to the music. Bonus features include slow-motion segments of key grooves.

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Drum Tips Part I - Power Solos - Developing a Groove DVD 4shared

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This DVD combines Power Solos and Developing a Groove, bringing together some of the best drummers in the world, including Bobby Rock (Nelson), Omar Hakim (Sting, Madonna), Simon Phillips (The Who), Dennis Chambers (Steely Dan, Brecker Bros.), Steve Smith (Journey), Peter Erskine (Steely Dan), Kenny Aronoff (John Cougar, Bob Dylan), and Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Paul Simon). Learn how to create exciting drum solos, how to play a more solid groove, and much more!

The Drum Tips series on DVD brings together several of the world's greatest drummers, each providing his own drumming insights, techniques, and philosophies to this power-packed program. Each program focuses on 2 different styles, allowing you to compare and contrast the secrets of each of these great musicians. Special features include additional video tip, artist video preview, the making of Burning for Buddy, additional product previews, and Internet connectivity.


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Drum Tips Part II - Double Bass Drumming - Funky Drummers DVD 4shared

This Drum Tips DVD focuses on 2 different styles of drumming, comparing and contrasting the secrets of great musicians. Double Bass Drumming features in-depth practical information from several experienced professionals who offer their tips on developing your double bass techniques. This section features Terry Bozzio, Simon Phillips, Rod Morgenstein, and Joe Franco as they come together to discuss their tips on exercises, beats, fills, and soloing ideas. This section is great for exposing beginner to the world of double bass drumming as well as a refresher to help sharpen the skills of experienced players.

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Drum Tips -- Developing a Groove: Music Instruction and Performance 4shared

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Steve Smith (Journey), Peter Erskine (acerado Dan), Dave WECKL (Chick Corea, Paul Simon) y Kenny Aronoff (John Cougar, Bob Dylan)

Drum Tips brings together some of the world's greatest drummers, each providing his own insights on music and the drums.

Developing a Groove features Kenny Aronoff, Peter Erskine, Steve Smith and Dave Weckl, each offering advice on how to strengthen your time and play a more solid groove. (40 min.)


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Mike Portnoy - Progressive Drum Concepts

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Mike Portnoy, the drummer for the progressive heavy metal band Dream Theater, presents a fantastic instructional DVD for intermediate to advanced players. Topics include: drum set assembly, double-bass techniques, odd time signatures, grooves and phrasing.

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Country Piano : Hal Leonard Keyboard Style Series - by Mark Harrison

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Ever wanted to play country piano, but weren't sure where to start? Country Piano will teach you the basic skills you need! From comping to soloing, you'll learn the theory, tools and tricks used by the pros to get that authentic country sound. At the end of the book, you'll get seven complete tunes to jam on. Listen to the CD, and start playing along! Covers: scales and chords; walkup and walkdown patterns; comping in traditional and modern country; bluegrass arpeggio styles; Nashville "fretted piano" techniques; and more.

Publisher: Hal Leonard / Language: English

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Fender Presents - Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar DVD - English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish


By far the most comprehensive DVD ever offered for the beginner guitarist. Over 3 hours long! Over 50 Interactive Lessons! Step-by-step lessons incorporating clear, easy-to-follow 3-D graphics and unique play-along tracks teach the viewer the essential chords, scales, and techniques used by acoustic guitar players in every popular style, including rock, blues and country.

This DVD is separated into two major sections.

The First Step (part 1):

* tuning up
* string names
* essential chords and scales used by all players
* music reference section (notes, rhythms, chords and scales)
* practice tips
* fretting-hand technique
* picking-hand technique
* backing tracks for play-along
* animated 3-D fretboard graphics.

Play Acoustic! (part 2):

* rhythm technique (bare finger/thumb, bass/chord, fingerstyle, etc.)
* soloing technique (chord embellishment, open-string chords, using a capo)
* electrified acoustic · rock, blues and country styles
* rhythm and solo technique in each style
* backing tracks in each style for play-along
* tips on caring for your instrument from the Fender Custom Shop.

Quality: DVD5 | 4.3 Gb | more than 3 hrs | English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish | MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 4000kbps | Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 160kbps | Country: USA | 2002

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DVD Ultimate Beginner Series: Alto Sax Vol 1 and 2

The Ultimate Beginner Series instrumental DVDs include Volumes I and II and cover assembly and maintenance, proper posture and hand positions, breathing and producing a sound, first notes, music theory, and more. Students will also advance to learning a complete one-octave scale and additional music theory. DVD special features include getting to know the instruments, beginning music theory interactive, additional video tips, and printable reference materials.

WB Music - The Ultimate Beginner Series: Alto Sax Vol 1 and 2
English | DVD-Video NTSC 720x480 29fps | AC3 256 Kbps 48 KHz | 3.02 GB
Genre: eLearning

VOL. 1 y 2

VOL. 1 y 2

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George Kollias: Intense Metal Drumming

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George Kollias' "Intense Metal Drumming" DVD is the best display of precision speed drumming in existence. He has a sharing soul and his approach is simple to understand. This DVD will challenge you and inspire you to not give up working hard no matter who tries to stop you from playing as fast and precise as you can."

- Mike Mangini
This is the first DVD from Niles drummer George Kollias.
It starts off with the blast beat, and all the variations. He goes into detail of the exercises and all the different workouts to achieve the speed, power, and technicality that is needed in today's metal drumming.
He also goes into double bass technique. George is one of the fastest, most intense drummers out there. He explains the combination of heel-up and heel-down technique he utilizes to get up to 280bpm.
This DVD is a must for drummers trying to get ahead in the very competitive and challenging field of extreme metal drumming.

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Hudson Music Steve Smith Drum Legacy DVD

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Studying the drum giants who came before is one of the keys to developing an understanding of music and finding your own voice on the drums. This highly educational DVD set presents a musical analysis and discussion of some of the most important jazz drumming greats in history. On Drum Legacy you will find the complete one-hour performance by Steve Smith's group Jazz Legacy from the 2006 Modern Drummer Festival, including two previously unreleased songs.

The group's music is inspired by jazz drumming giants Art Blakey (A Night in Tunisia), Elvin Jones (Three Card Molly), Philly Joe Jones (Two Bass Hit), Buddy Rich (Moments Notice), Joe Dukes (Soulful Drums), and Tony Williams (Sister Cheryl). Each tune is dedicated to one of these drum legends.

Also included are two brilliant drum solos by Steve in tribute to Max Roach (Drums Unlimited and For Big Sid), plus two new original solos. John Riley - master jazz drummer, educator, and author - joins Steve for an insightful discussion of the work of these jazz greats that is unprecedented in its scope and detail. Steve and John present a wealth of information for drummers from a historical/artistic analysis of each jazz giant's conceptual approach, right down to the nuts and bolts of the licks they played.

Bonus features include:

- live performance footage of Steve in NYC and at a master class in Australia

- a 40-page printed booklet

- a complete eBook containing exercises and text from Steve, as well as complete bios from respected author Mark Griffith to round out your understanding of these drum legends. The eBook is in PDF format so it can be printed and used in the practice room with or without the DVD.

Also included in this package is the new Jazz Legacy CD Live on Tour, featuring Steve Smith (drums), Walt Weiskopf (tenor sax), Andy Fusco (alto sax), Mark Soskin (piano) and Baron Browne (bass).

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