RHYTHMIC Visions & Horizons by Gavin Harrison


Gavin Harrison's Rhythmic Horizions is a highly acclaimed, cutting edge book, and has earned him ten-star reviews and was voted in the top five of the best Drum Publication category by Modern Drummer and Drum! Readers polls. As a solo artist, session drummer and column writer for Modern Drummer, Drummer, Rhythm UK, magazines and member of Porcupine Tree, Gavin has also worked for Incognito, lisa Standsfield, Iggy Pop, Level 42, Lewis Taylor, Artful Dodger, Paul Young, Dave Stewart, Barbra Gaskin, Claudio Balioniand many other.

Rhythmic Horizons DVD Includes:
• Lessons on Overriding
• Lessons on Resolving
• Lessons on Polyrhythmic Theory
• Five full length performances
• 8 minute plus drum solo
• Multi track cymbal and drum films
• Alternative audio mixes - with and without click
• Play along MP3s
• Play along MIDI file
• Printable pdf's of all lessons
• Preview of Porcupine Tree's live DVD
• Convenient markers at the start of each lesson in every chapter
• Subtitles in German and Italian

Rhythmic Visions DVD Includes:
• Lessons on Displacement
• Lessons on Modulation
• Lessons on Subdivisions and Spacings
• Master Modulation exercises
• Four way Harmonic Syncopation
• On-screen notation
• Interactive menus for easy navigation of Lessons and Tunes.
• Interactive alternative audio tracks for music +click options.
• Set markers for easy access to the chapters inside the lessons.
• Italian and German subtitles throughout.

Password:      http://clinicasmusicales.blogspot.com/

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Premier Aquiles Priester - The Infallible Reason Of My Freak Drumming DVD


The track list and content of Aquiles Priester´s new DVD has been disclosed. Recorded at Cantareira College studios in São Paulo in November 2009, “The Infallible Reason Of My Freak Drumming” has countless details among which a series of exercises executed both on the rubber pad and on the drums, double bass exercises, tips on basic position of hands when gripping the drumsticks, a description of all equipment used during the recording of the DVD plus a revealing interview conducted by journalist Antonio Carlos Monteiro.


The Infallible Emperor (1956) – Hangar/Infallible
Colorblind – Hangar/Infallible
Gallamawhat?! – Freakeys/Freakeys
Some light to find my Way – Hangar/Infallible
PsychOctopus Solo
The Reason of your Conviction – Hangar/The Reason of your Conviction
Golden Bullet – Freakeys/Freakeys
Hastiness – Hangar/The Reason of your Conviction
A Miracle in my Life – Hangar/Infallible
One Cup, One Lighter, One Jack – Freakeys/Freakeys
Beetle Dance – Freakeys/Freakeys
Forgotten Pictures – Hangar/The Reason of your Conviction
Drum Solo
Symbolic – Death (Bonus Track)

Password:    http://clinicasmusicales.blogspot.com/

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