Neil Peart is the most popular drummer today. When it comes to voting in Modern Drummer or Drummerworld - Neil Peart is always the No. 1.

Neil Peart (pronounced "Peert" not "Pert"), born September 12, 1952, near Hagersville, Ontario, is the drummer and lyricist for the Canadian rock band Rush. Rush is the most successful band from Canada, having played together for over 30 years, and selling over 24.5 million records (U.S.). Over the years, Rush has developed their own style of Progressive Rock, weaving together heavy metal, art rock, reggae, new wave, pop, grunge, and classical styles with thoughtful lyrics. The result has been 23 diverse albums, successful tours, and a loyal fan base.

Peart is known for his creative and intricate drum parts and extensive drum solos that delight both drummers and non-drummers alike. He's won many reader's poll awards from Modern Drummer, including 12 consecutive "best recorded performance" awards. In 1996, Peart became an Officer of The Order of Canada, the highest civilian decoration in Canada.

In 1997, following the death of his only daughter, Selena, and then his wife of 22 years Jackie Taylor (1998), Peart and Rush took a five-year hiatus. After he re-married in September 2000, Neil returned to Rush, and the band produced the critically-acclaimed Vapor Trails CD and subsequent tour, taking them to Mexico and South America for the first time. The final show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, became the multi-platinum DVD Rush in Rio. Rush toured again in 2004 as part of their 30th Anniversary celebration, and released a CD of Sixties cover songs, Feedback, to mark the occasion. After the tour, they released Rush - R30 - 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, a live concert from Frankfurt Germany.

On May 1, 2007, Rush released their twenty-third album Snakes & Arrows.

In addition to his job as a musician, Peart has written four non-fiction books, The Masked Rider, Ghost Rider, Traveling Music: The Soundtrack to My Life and Times, and Roadshow : Landscape With Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle. Ghost Rider was nominated for a Canadian Literary award in 2003. He has also written many articles for Modern Drummer and other magazines. In all, his books have sold over 100,000 copies.

In his spare time, Peart rides BMW motorcycles, drives fast cars, snowshoes, bird watches, and hikes. His favorite drink after a concert or a long day on the road is The Macallan.

Peart currently lives in Santa Barbara, California, with his wife, Carrie Nuttall.

Peart's nicknames are "Pratt" and "The Professor."

Essential Rush recordings include: Fly by Night (1974), 2112 (1976), Permanent Waves (1980), Moving Pictures (1981), Exit... Stage Left (1982), Grace Under Pressure (1984), Power Windows (1985), Roll the Bones (1991), Counterparts (1993), and Vapor Trails (2002).

Anatomy of a Drum Solo

'Anatomy of a Drum Solo' presents newly-recorded, in-studio footage of legendary RUSH drummer Neil Peart discussing, in detail, his approach to soloing. Using a solo recorded in September, 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany as a framework, Neil talks about each segment of this nine-minute tour de force which is a feature of each Rush performance. He describes the inspiration and the conceptual thinking behind each part of the solo and discusses, and often demonstrates, the technique necessary for playing that segment.

'Anatomy of a Drum Solo' also features:
Two explorations - completely improvised workouts at the drums, each over thirty-minutes long
A never-before-released solo recorded in Hamburg, Germany in September, 2004
"O Baterista," Neil's Grammy® Award-nominated solo
Rush performances from Frankfurt '04, all shot from the perspective of the drum cameras...

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Derek Roddy - Blast Beats Evolved DVD Gratis


Produced and directed by legendary metal drummer Derek Roddy, Blast Beats Evolved explores the development and mechanics of modern extreme drumming. The DVD features examples and exercises for Blast Beats, Skank Beats, Bomb Blasts, Hammer Blasts and Freehand Blasts, plus a comprehensive conditioning program for hands and feet, balance and endurance, and also includes five solo jams and performances of seven Serpents Rise songs—complete with minus-drums play-along tracks.
Blast Beats Evolved is recommended for drummers who want to gain the mental discipline and technical facility required to master this demanding yet relevant drumming style. In addition, the instructional material on the DVD can be used in conjunction with Roddy’s award-winning book/audio pack, The Evolution Of Blast Beats, and can be applied in a variety of progressive drumming situations.

Quality: DVD5 | SIZE: 4.5 GB | 3 hrs | English | 720x576 | PAL 16:9 | MPEG 1, 2 channels, 16 bits, 48000hz, 192kbps |Year: 2009 | Country: USA |

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Master of all Trades - Marcus Miller Rapidshare DVDrip


Product Description:

2 Disc Set featuring a 2hr concert shot at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, and the additional disc contains 2hr bonus footage of interviews. A truly a unique musical event/biopic from the Grammy Award winning producer and musician

01. Power
02. Lonnie`s Lament
03. So What
04. Scoop
05. Boomerang
06. Panther
07. When Your Life Was Low
08. People Make The World Go Round
09. Amazing Grace
10. Burning Down The House
11. Killing Me Softly
12. Miles Medley: Hannibal - Tutu - Amandla.

Bonus Track:

13. Nikki’s Groove

Marcus Miller (bass, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone, keyboards, vocals); Poogie Bell (drums); Dean Brown (guitar); Roger Byam (saxophone); Bruce Flowers (keyboards); Patches Stewart (trumpet); Lalah Hathaway, Raphael Saadiq (vocals).

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Peter Magadini - Jazz Drums DVD Hotfile

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Product Description:

In this information-packed DVD, master jazz drummer and clinician Peter Magadini reveals the essential ingredients of jazz drumming. Inspirational live performances, concise explanations, demonstrations and exercises provide a comprehensive overview of traditional and contemporary jazz drumming styles and techniques, including: playing the jazz ride cymbal, playing with a "two" feel, the ride cymbal and independence, jazz form and structure, Latin and Latin jazz patterns, including Samba, Cascara and more, techniques for improvising on the drumset, playing fours and eights, how to trade solos with the band, brush technique, interpreting drum charts in all styles, jazz-rock fusion, and more. Includes a booklet with notated examples of the exercises and patterns on the DVD, with extra details of on-screen demonstrations. Running time: 1 hr, 12 min.

Language: English
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Duration: 73 min
Quality: DVDRip
Video: XVID 720x480 29.97fps 1184Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 160Kbps
Size: 695 Mb

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RICHIE KOTZEN Live DVD “Bootlegged In Brazil Megaupload

Frontiers Records has announced details of the European release of RICHIE KOTZEN first ever Live DVD “Bootlegged In Brazil” on December 5th 2008.

A perfect complement to the recent CD-only release “Live in Sao Paulo”, this “Bootlegged In Brazil” is the first official Video Live performance from the former Mr. Big and Poison guitar player Richie Kotzen!

The DVD reflects a stellar performance from his South American tour in 2007 and includes some real classic tracks from the Kotzen repertoire: from the rhythmic labours of "A Love Divine" through “Go Faster” (off the last studio album “Return of The Mother Head’s Family Reunion”) and the great “Doin’ What The Devils Says To Do”.

Richie Kotzen sound is influenced from such bands as Bad Company, Free, early Van Halen and Cream. They are the inspiration for his songs, but having deep Philly roots Kotzen tends to combine rock with the Motown influences he heard as a kid offering the fans a soulful and timeless approach to the music.

This live performance features Kotzen touring band with Johnny Griparich on bass and Dan Potruch on drums. Stay tuned for more live dates from Richie in Europe in 2009 and in the meantime enjoy the his great talent in your sitting room with this riveting DVD!

DVD Contents:
Live in Sao Paulo 2007: Go Faster; Losin’ My Mind; A Love Divine; Fooled Again; Faith; So Cold; Socialite; High; Remember; Doin’ What The Devils Says To Do; Mother Head’s Family Reunion.

Bonus Footage - Total length: 80 minutes approx. – Stereo mix 2.0

SIZE: 3.89 GB

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Suzuki Violin School Volume 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 y 10 CD Y PDF Mediafire

Volume 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 y 10 CD y PDF (Violin y acompañamiento de Piano) todos en Mediafire, post dedicado a mi hija Nataly.


Contains: Contents are: Principles of Study and Guidance * Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Variations (Shinichi Suzuki) * Lightly Row (Folk So ng) * Song of the Wind (Folk Song) * Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Folk Song) * O Come, Little Children (Folk Song) * May Song (Folk Song) * Long, Long Ago (T.H. Bayly) * Allegro (Shinichi Suzuki) * Perpetual Motion (Shinichi Suzuki) * Allegretto (Shinichi Suzuki) * Andantino (Shinichi Suzuki) * Etude (Shinichi Suzuki) * Minuet 1, Minuett III from Suite in G Minor for Klavier, BWV 822 (J.S. Bach) * Minuet 2, Minuet, BWV Anh. II 116 from Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach (J.S. Bach) * Minuet 3, Minuet BWV Anh. II 114/Anh. III 183 (J.S. Bach) * The Happy Farmer from Album for the Young, Op. 68, No. 10 (R. Schumann) * Gavotte (F.J. Gossec). 

Volume 10 Mp3 y Pdf Mediafire

PASS: clinicasmusicales

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Rhythmic Visions By Gavin Harrison Rapidshare megaupload

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Rhythmic Visions

Artist Name: Gavin Harrison
Skill Level: Intermediate, advanced
Format: DVD, instant download
Running Time: 70 minutes

This DVD provides an in-depth look at the complete Rhythmic Illusions concept, featuring:
• Lessons on Displacement
• Lessons on Modulation
• Lessons on Subdivisions and Spacings
• Master Modulation exercises
• Four way Harmonic Syncopation
• On-screen notation
• Interactive menus for easy navigation of Lessons and Tunes.
• Interactive alternative audio tracks for music and click options.
• Set markers for easy access to the chapters inside the lessons.
• Italian and German subtitles throughout.

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Rock n Roll Complete Piano guide 4shared


Product Description:

With this pack, you'll learn the skills you need to take your place alongside Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and other great rock 'n' roll piano players of the '50s and '60s! The CD includes demos and backing tracks so you can play along with every example. Also includes six complete tunes at the end of the book. Topics covered include: left-hand patterns; basic rock 'n' roll progressions; right-hand techniques; straight eighths vs. swing eighths; glisses, crushed notes, rolls and note clusters; how to solo; influential players, styles and recordings; and much more!

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Buddy Rich Memorial Concert DVD 2008-2009 Rapidshare


This three-DVD set features Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Tommy Igoe, John Blackwell, Terry Bozzio with Efrain Toro, Nick Rich, Peter Erskine, Will Lee, and Jeff Berlin. These artists pay tribute to Buddy Rich, one of the greatest drummers of all time. With an all-star big band, they play not only Buddy classics but also their own hits. Over two hours of concert footage, plus almost two hours of rehearsal and backstage footage, memorialize this historic drumming event.

English | ISO | 7.31Gb


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Master Drummer: Featuring Dennis Chambers DVD

Imagine getting to hang out in a world-class recording studio with one of the most talented drummers alive. Dennis Chambers has worked with some of the biggest names in all genres of the music world including Santana, Dr Dre, Steely Dan, P-Funk, Snoop Dog, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock to name a few. Additionally he has played on over 400 records.

In this DVD you will get an insider's look at the life of a man Carlos Santana called a Master Drummer.

Dennis Chambers started playing drums at the age of 4, and began performing in clubs at the age of 6. From there he went on to work with some of the biggest names in music. From being asked to play with James Brown at the age of 13 (his mom wouldn't let him!) to joining P-Funk, Dennis has played and recorded with professional groups that span the different categories of music from funk to fusion, rock to reggae, jazz to Latin, Dennis Chambers has played them all with an extremely rare level of mastery.

If you are a fan of music, a musician, songwriter, DJ - and especially if you are a drummer - this DVD is a must. You will see a rare interview and musical performances that will blow you away!

This DVD also features bass player Benny Rietveld, who plays with Santana and has played with Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Booker T Jones, Sheila E and more. You'll love the drum and bass jams these two make up on the spot.

Language: English
Country: USA
Duration: 45 min + bonuses
Quality: DVDRip
Video: XVID 720x480 29.97fps 1344Kbps
Audio: MP3 48000Hz stereo 160Kbps
Size: 1. 73 Gb


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R&B the Complete keyboard guide 4shared

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Product Description:

This comprehensive book with CD will teach you the basic skills you need to play RandB keyboard. From soul to funk to disco to pop, you'll learn the theory, the tools, and the tricks used by the pros. The accompanying CD features many of the examples in the book, including seven complete songs performed either solo or with a full band.

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Drum Solos Revisited DVD

LP's latest release, Drum Solos Revisited, features 15 of the hottest NYC percussionists showcasing beginner, intermediate and advanced solos on congas, bongos and timbales.
In this update/companion piece to the classic, three-volume Drum Solos series, Ralph Irizarri hosts as fifteen of New York City's best session and club percussionists take Latin drumming to the extreme while laying down solo tracks on the congas, bongos, and timbales. With a variety of solos ranging from beginner level to intermediate and advanced levels, these fifteen soloists allow aspiring percussionists to play along with the very best. Featured percussionists include Pedro Martinez, Samuel Torres, Orlando Vega, Tony Escapa, Eric Velez, and many more. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide.


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Cubase 4 Recording The Band

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Whether you are in a folk duo or a 10-piece funk outfit this DVD takes a focused look at the specific features and tasks you’ll need to grasp in order to produce a ‘band’ recording. Shot live in Santa Cruz and featuring rock band “The Liminal”, this video lifts the lid on what it takes to record a band in the 21st century armed with Cubase (4 or 5) as your recording medium. In over 2 hours of live action and on-screen tutorials, it keeps firmly focused on the aspects of Cubase you need to know when you’re recording multiple musicians, and instruments, and doesn’t spend time on details and features of the software that you’ll never use in this particular setting.

The DVD looks at hooking up hardware interfaces, micing amps and drums, showing the musicians interacting with the engineer, monitoring, and preparing the best mix for mastering… all to create a program that accurately reflects the band recording experience.
If you’re in a band and you use – or you are even thinking about using – Cubase 4/5 or Studio 4/5, this DVD will save you thousands in hardware, engineering, or studio costs. Using Cubase 4 Recording The Band will empower you to produce professional-quality recordings whenever – and wherever – you like.
1 hour 23 minutes, DVD Video.

Scenes include:

* Setup and Routing
* Setup for Multitracking
* Project Layout and Template
* Control Room Monitor Mixes
* What if I'm using Studio4?
* The Control Room Setup Process
* Getting the Right Levels
* Monitoring with Effects
* Cubase Preferences
* Working to a Click
* Multitrack Recording
* The Pool
* Overdub Recording
* Reamping the Guitar Track
* Comping Overdubs
* Cleanup
* Basic Mixing
* Tweaks and Effects


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Mel Bay presents: Jazz Piano Real Book Rapidshare


Jazz pianist, composer, arranger, writer and educator Per Danielsson is a native of Stockholm, Sweden. Growing up with a jazz guitar playing father, Per was exposed to the sounds of Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans at an early age. He began his formal musical education with piano lessons at age nine. Later studies included lessons with Robert Malmberg and world renowned jazz pianist Bengt Hallberg.

After graduation from Kungsholmens Gymnasium in 1981, Per spent six months performing in the inaugural Royal Swedish Army Band. In 1984 Per was the recipient of the Pat Coil Jazz Piano Scholarship to North Texas State University, one of the largest music schools in the United States, internationally known for its outstanding jazz studies program. His two years at NTSU included intense studies in performance and arranging with Steve Harlos, Dan Hearle, Paris Rutherford and another important influence, the legendary jazz artist and educator Rich Matteson.

While at school Per was selected to play piano with the NTSU Jazz Singers on their 1985 tour of Taiwan. And in 1986 Per won a national audition and spent the summer performing in Disney’s All-American College Orchestra at EPCOT Center. This was followed by the offer of a full-time job as a professional pianist for Walt Disney World.

Per has performed with a variety of jazz and show artists including Rich Matteson, Louis Bellson, Clark Terry, Rosemary Clooney, Bobby Shew, Nick Brignola, John Green, Maureen McGovern, Rich Little, Mike Post and Mark Murphy. He has also performed with Swedish jazz legends Arne Domnerus and Jan Allan.

After fifteen years as a professional musician, Per completed his Master’s degree in jazz studies, composition and arranging, studying with one of the finest jazz writer-arrangers of today, Chuck Owen.

Now an educator as well, he teaches jazz improvisation at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Per often shares his musical experience and expertise with students of all ages who participate in Disney’s Magic Music Days jazz workshops.

Per’s playing can be heard on his own trio CD “Zulu Time,” as well as the CD “So It Goes” which he co-wrote and co-produced with jazz saxophonist Tamara Danielsson. His current projects include trio and quartet recordings with jazz great Danny Gottlieb. Per also shares his knowledge in current publications by Mel Bay including, Essential Jazz Lines of Bill Evans, and First Lessons Piano.

Product Description:

Learn loved jazz standards from a piano player’s point of view. Per Danielsson analyzes and teaches both melodic and harmonic material with an “easy to understand” approach, paying particular attention to each tune’s unique features and demonstrating elements of the standards that have evolved over time to become the recognizable components that make these songs the classic masterpieces as we know them to be.

The visual application of this DVD will help you to absorb the tunes more completely, and speed up the learning process. The tunes are recorded with a four piece band to fully express the sound, style and material being taught.

Size :786 MB

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The Commandments of R&B Drumming: A Comprehensive Guide to Soul, Funk and Hip Hop DVD

The Commandments of R&B Drumming is a historical and in-depth study of R&B drumming, from soul to funk to hip-hop, written by world-renowned session & live drummer Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Bobby Brown, Sean Lennon). Topics include practice tips, developing the funky bass drum and hi-hat, creating and playing with loops, and what are considered the Ten Commandments of Soul, Funk, and Hip-Hop (the top ten recordings from each era). This book not only pays homage to the R&B drummers of the past, but gives the reader a fortune of invaluable information both in history and playing.

This newly revised 10th anniversary edition features updated information and loads of new photos and album artwork throughout. It includes a play-along CD featuring various styles of R&B, and also includes an R&B history tree. 160 pages covering every imaginable angle, nook, and cranny of R&B for only $24.95! The book was voted the #1 educational drum book in the world by Modern Drummer magazine's Readers Poll and also deemed "a must-have for the soulful drummer," by Traps Magazine.

"Zoro's book is a milestone achievement and the most comprehensive book on the subject of R&B drumming I have ever seen."
-Vinnie Colaiuta

"I consider Zoro's book an essential investment!"
-Dennis Chambers

Quality: DVD9 | 6.68 Gb | 3 hours | English | MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 7500kbps | Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 224kbps | Country: USA | 2009

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Andy Timmons Live Resolution (2007)DVD Rapidshare-Hotfile


The night it was debuted, the Andy Timmons Band gave a one time only, live performance of the entire Resolution CD in front of a hometown crowd. Professionally recorded at the Granada Theatre in Dallas, Texas, this DVD is a great sounding, close up look at the ATB in a perfect live setting. Includes several bonus features.

Track List:: 1. Deliver Us, 2. Helipad, 3. Ghost Of You, 4. Resolution, 5. Redemption, 6. Lydia, 7. Gone (9/11/01), 8. Move On, 9. Beware Dark Days, 10. The Prayer/The Answer, 11. Headed For The Ditch

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Kiko Loureiro - Rock Fusion Brasileiro Tecnica Criativa DVD

In this instructional video, Kiko has numerous aspects inspiring to develop creativity and expand the musical ideas on the six strings. With an extensive range of sophisticated technical information, Kiko shows how it is possible to transit through the rock virtuoso, jazz scales, while maintaining a genuinely Brazilian musicality.
Numerous examples of exercises show how to achieve the accuracy and agility techniques with alternate picking, sweep, linked hands among many others. The guitarist also explores and demonstrates more sophisticated harmonic concepts and different scales, as well as fine examples of conduct, taken collectively and harmony of style and Brazil.

In addition to the didactic, this DVD features the performance of Angra music with his solo career, issues of Angra and an unpublished essay with a quartet of his work, "Universo Inverso". All songs are illustrated with scenes showing close-up note for note the secrets of his technique and musicality.
In an informal chat with Rafael Bittencourt Kiko Loureiro interview in the midst of a beautiful sequence of images on improvisation and intimate themes, shown in great detail.
Kiko Loureiro is without doubt the greatest Brazilian representative of the six strings in the world.

Quality: DVD5 | 4.08 GB | 75 min | Portuguese | 720x480, VOB, 7700 kbps, 29.97 fps, Aspect ratio: 4:3 | AC3, 2 channels, 192 kpbs, 48.0 KHz | Yes (PDF) | Country: Brazil

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Bunny Brunel - Fretless Bass

If you’re looking to improve your fretless skills, bassist Bunny Brunel has a new instructional DVD. No frets, no frills. That’s the approach Bunny Brunel takes on this effective introduction to playing the fretless species. Simply addressing the camera with bass in hand for 60 minutes and 16 chapters, Bunny covers and demonstrates key elements for the intermediate player making the leap from fretted bass. These include his recommendation of fret lines, how and where to place your left hand fingers, intonation, vibrato, sliding, right hand plucking and placement, pickup settings, note duration, and basic scales, modes and bass line exercises to induce a fretless sound and state of mind. Best are his careerearned inside tips, such as how vibrato utilizing the note below your pitch rather than above more resembles the way a vocalist sings, and how waiting until the final note of a phrase to add vibrato is also more natural, a la the human voice.Special comment, 1 hour, 16x9 widescreen. NTSC all region.

Quality: DVD5 | SIZE: 3.09 Gb | 01:00:43 hrs | English | MPEG2 Video 720x480 (16:9) 29.97fps 7000kbps | 48000Hz stereo 1536kbps [LPCM] |Year: 2009 | Country: USA

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Nathan East - The Business Of Bass DVD

Nathan East takes you into the studio and behind the scenes to learn and see first-hand what it takes to be a professional musician. East has collaborated and toured with some of the most famous stars in the industry, including Clapton, Phil Collins, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, Babyface, Billy Preston and David Foster.

With these artists and others, The Business of Bass covers the demands and rewards of making music for a living, both in live performance and studio sessions. Bonus tracks include: interactive Q&A professionals' workshop with Harvey Mason and Nathan East rare concert performances by Fourplay featuring Nathan East, Bob James, Harvey Mason and Larry Carlton.

Quality: DVDrip | SIZE: 1.1 Gb | 2:15:12 hrs | English | XVID 720x480 29.97fps 1255Kbps | MP3 48000Hz stereo 160Kbps |Year: 2003 | Country: USA

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The Ultimate Gospel Organ Master Class - P.J. MORGAN DVD


About Ultimate Gospel Organ Master Class: Contemporary Gospel Organ

By P. J. Morgan. For Keyboard-Pipe. Methods. Gospel-Black. Beginning-Intermediate. DVD. Duration 120. Published by SR Wheat (MB.21901DVD).
Experience the Ultimate Gospel Organ Master Class. WHEATWORKS Productions brings you real gospel musicians that play for real gospel artist. P.J. Morgan is an awesome session player/producer. He has played for so many names in gospel we can't mention them all, but to name a few: Yolanda Adams, Ben Tankard and Karen Clark-Sheard. Many may remember seeing him on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel Television Program playing the organ. From the bandstand to the studio, P.J. is a well seasoned musician. He breaks down many gospel techniques that many other musicians will not show you. This is the best gospel instructional you will find anywhere. 2 Full hours.

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Super Shred Guitar Master Class with Jeff Loomis - 3 Servidores a Escoger

In this incredible DVD/booklet (in .avi format) presentation, Super Shred, you’ll learn hundreds of soloing tricks and tips from Nevermore’s Jeff Loomis! Jeff Loomis is known for playing the seven-string guitar exclusively, and some of the lessons incorporate the seventh string; however, they can be adapted for use on the six-string guitar.

This follow-up to Guitar DVD: Learn Shred Guitar gives you extended lessons on scale studies, sweep picking, modes, arpeggios and writing heavy riffs. With 60 minutes of lessons and a companion booklet, the Super Shred DVD is the master class you need to take your shredding to the next level!

Guitar World: Super Shred Guitar Masterclass - Lessons with Jeff Loomis of Nevermore
English | Xvid | 688x384 | 29.97fps 1500 Kbps | Mp3 192kbps 44.1khz | 700MB


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The Art Of Arabic Drumming DVD


Here they are, Doumbek, dumbek, Arabic tabla, darbuka and derbeki are all names to describe the Middle Eastern drum that has intrigued generations for thousands of years. The Art of Arabic Drumming DVD is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of this exotic instrument and explore the mystique of its music. Well known author and percussionist Trevor Salloum takes you on a journey into his Middle Eastern roots and provides a clear presentation of tuning, positioning, strokes, exercises, notation, timing, ear training, soloing and common rhythms. If that is not enough, this DVD includes a rare, special feature performance of world-renowned Middle Eastern percussionist Michel Merhej Baklouk. Suitable for all levels, this DVD is sure to be a unique and valuable addition to your music library.

Size : 2.6 GB

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Rhythmic Horizons By Gavin Harrison Rapidshare

Para los que esperaban esta buena clinica.
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Rhythmic Horizons By Gavin Harrison  

New concepts in rhythmic structure and creative ideas for drumset composition.

Gavin Harrison's Rhythmic Horizions is a highly acclaimed, cutting edge book, and has earned him ten-star reviews and was voted in the top five of the best Drum Publication category by Modern Drummer and Drum! Readers polls. As a solo artist, session drummer and column writer for Modern Drummer, Drummer, Rhythm UK, magazines and member of Porcupine Tree, Gavin has also worked for Incognito, lisa Standsfield, Iggy Pop, Level 42, Lewis Taylor, Artful Dodger, Paul Young, Dave Stewart, Barbra Gaskin, Claudio Balioniand many other

* Lessons on Overriding
* Lessons on Resolving
* Lessons on Polyrhythmic Theory
* Five full length performances
* 8 minute plus drum solo
* Multi track cymbal and drum films
* Alternative audio mixes - with and without click
* Play along MP3s
* Play along MIDI file
* Printable pdf's of all lessons
* Preview of Porcupine Tree's live DVD
* Convenient markers at the start of each lesson in every chapter
* Subtitles in German and Italian

DVD | VOB + INFO | English | AC3 @ 448kbps | 720x480 | MPEG2 @ 5000kbps | NTSC(29.97 fps) | Subtitle: Eng,Ger

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Big Fish Audio - LA Drum Sessions - Vol 1

Prepare yourself for the ultimate collection of drum performances to date. "LA Drum Sessions" is just that: session drummers laying down phat, thick, luscious beats, in about every style you can think of, with so much variation, you won't need anything else for a long while! Three discs of acidized WAV, divided up into folders containing a number of related loops in a given style and tempo. This allows you to construct a song in your style by picking from similar loops. A variety of recording setups were used in the studio to fit the needs of each style being recorded.

There are three versions of each performance: dry recording, room-mic recording only and mixed (dry and room-mics together). The mixed versions have been mixed for each style separately to create an appropriate mix... but if you don't like it, you can mix your own version! Over 80 categories of styles; over 6000 loops; Jazz, Rock, Disco, 60's Fun, Funk, Punk, Country, Blues, Texas Shuffle and more. Call up your own session drummer today, and add the quality only real session pros can offer.

* Acid

Vol 1 | 1.75 Gb

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Pro's Jazz Phrases - Bass Clef By carol Kaye- Book and Cd


A small but potent book of late 50s hip jazz sax-piano phrases and substitute patterns, diminished-augmented-modal phrases and chord subs commonly used (but not taught) by the greats. Learn your jazz pattern vocabulary and get your fingers and ears used to these great patterns for fine creative soloing. Nothing like this out, Jazz Sax-legend Plas Johnson says it's "the right stuff"! (required with "Jazz Improv For Bass").

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Mike Portnoy - Drums Across Forever 2003 Rapidshare

Mike's Drum-cam footage from Transatlantic's Bridge Across Forever recording sessions.

Audio Options include: Full Band; Studio and an Audio Commentary with Mike.

Duel with the Devil
Suite Charlotte Pike
Bridge Across Forever
Stranger in You Soul

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The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr. DVD 2009 Filefactory


Tony Royster Jr. has evolved. From a world-renown child prodigy to high-profile professional touring drummer. Tony continues to stretch boundaries and break barriers with his seemingly effortless chops and creativity. Join Tony on his evolutional journey as he performs with mentor, Dennis Chambers, drumming legend Terry Bozzio and his latest project ASAP. Get a glimpse inside Tony's world as he goes back to the streets of Atlanta where it all began, see rare footage of his childhood and witness dozens of never-before-seen interviews. Plus, get plenty of behind-the-scenes footage, bonus features and so much more. The Evolution of Tony Royster Jr. is an inspirational, mind-blowing drumming adventure that's a must-see for every drummer. Published By: Drum Channel Total Content: 198 minutes.

Size : 8.00 GB

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Part 47 Reparada

Part 4 Reparada

DVD storage Part 1
DVD storage Part 2
DVD storage Part 3
DVD storage Part 4
DVD storage Part 5
DVD storage Part 6
DVD storage Part 7
DVD storage Part 8
DVD storage Part 9
DVD storage Part 10
DVD storage Part 11
DVD storage Part 12
DVD storage Part 13
DVD storage Part 14
DVD storage Part 15
DVD storage Part 16
DVD storage Part 17
DVD storage Part 18
DVD storage Part 19
DVD storage Part 20
DVD storage Part 21
DVD storage Part 22
DVD storage Part 23
DVD storage Part 24
DVD storage Part 25
DVD storage Part 26
DVD storage Part 27
DVD storage Part 28
DVD storage Part 29
DVD storage Part 30
DVD storage Part 31
DVD storage Part 32
DVD storage Part 33
DVD storage Part 34
DVD storage Part 35
DVD storage Part 36
DVD storage Part 37
DVD storage Part 38
DVD storage Part 39
DVD storage Part 40
DVD storage Part 41
DVD storage Part 42
DVD storage Part 43
DVD storage Part 44
DVD storage Part 45
DVD storage Part 46
DVD storage Part 47
DVD storage Part 48
DVD storage Part 49
DVD storage Part 50
DVD storage Part 51
DVD storage Part 52
DVD storage Part 53
DVD storage Part 54
DVD storage Part 55
DVD storage Part 56
DVD storage Part 57
DVD storage Part 58
DVD storage Part 59
DVD storage Part 60
DVD storage Part 61
DVD storage Part 62
DVD storage Part 63
DVD storage Part 64
DVD storage Part 65
DVD storage Part 66
DVD storage Part 67
DVD storage Part 68
DVD storage Part 69
DVD storage Part 70
DVD storage Part 71
DVD storage Part 72
DVD storage Part 73
DVD storage Part 74
DVD storage Part 75
DVD storage Part 76
DVD storage Part 77
DVD storage Part 78
DVD storage Part 79
DVD storage Part 80
DVD storage Part 81
DVD storage Part 82
DVD storage Part 83


DVD Filefactory Part 1
DVD Filefactory Part 2
DVD Filefactory Part 3
DVD Filefactory Part 4
DVD Filefactory Part 5
DVD Filefactory Part 6
DVD Filefactory Part 7
DVD Filefactory Part 8
DVD Filefactory Part 9
DVD Filefactory Part 10
DVD Filefactory Part 11
DVD Filefactory Part 12
DVD Filefactory Part 13
DVD Filefactory Part 14
DVD Filefactory Part 15
DVD Filefactory Part 16
DVD Filefactory Part 17
DVD Filefactory Part 18
DVD Filefactory Part 19
DVD Filefactory Part 20
DVD Filefactory Part 21
DVD Filefactory Part 22
DVD Filefactory Part 23
DVD Filefactory Part 24
DVD Filefactory Part 25
DVD Filefactory Part 26
DVD Filefactory Part 27
DVD Filefactory Part 28
DVD Filefactory Part 29
DVD Filefactory Part 30
DVD Filefactory Part 31
DVD Filefactory Part 32
DVD Filefactory Part 33
DVD Filefactory Part 34
DVD Filefactory Part 35
DVD Filefactory Part 36
DVD Filefactory Part 37
DVD Filefactory Part 38
DVD Filefactory Part 39
DVD Filefactory Part 40
DVD Filefactory Part 41
DVD Filefactory Part 42
DVD Filefactory Part 43
DVD Filefactory Part 44
DVD Filefactory Part 45
DVD Filefactory Part 46
DVD Filefactory Part 47
DVD Filefactory Part 48
DVD Filefactory Part 49
DVD Filefactory Part 50
DVD Filefactory Part 51
DVD Filefactory Part 52
DVD Filefactory Part 53
DVD Filefactory Part 54
DVD Filefactory Part 55
DVD Filefactory Part 56
DVD Filefactory Part 57
DVD Filefactory Part 58
DVD Filefactory Part 59
DVD Filefactory Part 60
DVD Filefactory Part 61
DVD Filefactory Part 62
DVD Filefactory Part 63
DVD Filefactory Part 64
DVD Filefactory Part 65
DVD Filefactory Part 66
DVD Filefactory Part 67
DVD Filefactory Part 68
DVD Filefactory Part 69
DVD Filefactory Part 70
DVD Filefactory Part 71
DVD Filefactory Part 72
DVD Filefactory Part 73
DVD Filefactory Part 74
DVD Filefactory Part 75
DVD Filefactory Part 76
DVD Filefactory Part 77
DVD Filefactory Part 78
DVD Filefactory Part 79
DVD Filefactory Part 80
DVD Filefactory Part 81
DVD Filefactory Part 82
DVD Filefactory Part 83

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