The Art Of Arabic Drumming DVD


Here they are, Doumbek, dumbek, Arabic tabla, darbuka and derbeki are all names to describe the Middle Eastern drum that has intrigued generations for thousands of years. The Art of Arabic Drumming DVD is an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of this exotic instrument and explore the mystique of its music. Well known author and percussionist Trevor Salloum takes you on a journey into his Middle Eastern roots and provides a clear presentation of tuning, positioning, strokes, exercises, notation, timing, ear training, soloing and common rhythms. If that is not enough, this DVD includes a rare, special feature performance of world-renowned Middle Eastern percussionist Michel Merhej Baklouk. Suitable for all levels, this DVD is sure to be a unique and valuable addition to your music library.

Size : 2.6 GB

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Hola music, porfavor dame la clave para poder descomprimirlo. Muchas gracias.

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