Kiko Loureiro - Rock Fusion Brasileiro Tecnica Criativa DVD

In this instructional video, Kiko has numerous aspects inspiring to develop creativity and expand the musical ideas on the six strings. With an extensive range of sophisticated technical information, Kiko shows how it is possible to transit through the rock virtuoso, jazz scales, while maintaining a genuinely Brazilian musicality.
Numerous examples of exercises show how to achieve the accuracy and agility techniques with alternate picking, sweep, linked hands among many others. The guitarist also explores and demonstrates more sophisticated harmonic concepts and different scales, as well as fine examples of conduct, taken collectively and harmony of style and Brazil.

In addition to the didactic, this DVD features the performance of Angra music with his solo career, issues of Angra and an unpublished essay with a quartet of his work, "Universo Inverso". All songs are illustrated with scenes showing close-up note for note the secrets of his technique and musicality.
In an informal chat with Rafael Bittencourt Kiko Loureiro interview in the midst of a beautiful sequence of images on improvisation and intimate themes, shown in great detail.
Kiko Loureiro is without doubt the greatest Brazilian representative of the six strings in the world.

Quality: DVD5 | 4.08 GB | 75 min | Portuguese | 720x480, VOB, 7700 kbps, 29.97 fps, Aspect ratio: 4:3 | AC3, 2 channels, 192 kpbs, 48.0 KHz | Yes (PDF) | Country: Brazil

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que buen metodo de guitarra,,caray los links estan borrados.. ojala los pudieras conseguir de nuevo o subirlos a mas rapdo gracias de todos modos.. buena pagina...

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Podrías resubir el metodo???


Excelente Blog!!!!!!!!

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Porfa... Puedes resubir este DVD??

Kiko Loureiro es un maestro!!!!!


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