Cubase 4 Recording The Band

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Whether you are in a folk duo or a 10-piece funk outfit this DVD takes a focused look at the specific features and tasks you’ll need to grasp in order to produce a ‘band’ recording. Shot live in Santa Cruz and featuring rock band “The Liminal”, this video lifts the lid on what it takes to record a band in the 21st century armed with Cubase (4 or 5) as your recording medium. In over 2 hours of live action and on-screen tutorials, it keeps firmly focused on the aspects of Cubase you need to know when you’re recording multiple musicians, and instruments, and doesn’t spend time on details and features of the software that you’ll never use in this particular setting.

The DVD looks at hooking up hardware interfaces, micing amps and drums, showing the musicians interacting with the engineer, monitoring, and preparing the best mix for mastering… all to create a program that accurately reflects the band recording experience.
If you’re in a band and you use – or you are even thinking about using – Cubase 4/5 or Studio 4/5, this DVD will save you thousands in hardware, engineering, or studio costs. Using Cubase 4 Recording The Band will empower you to produce professional-quality recordings whenever – and wherever – you like.
1 hour 23 minutes, DVD Video.

Scenes include:

* Setup and Routing
* Setup for Multitracking
* Project Layout and Template
* Control Room Monitor Mixes
* What if I'm using Studio4?
* The Control Room Setup Process
* Getting the Right Levels
* Monitoring with Effects
* Cubase Preferences
* Working to a Click
* Multitrack Recording
* The Pool
* Overdub Recording
* Reamping the Guitar Track
* Comping Overdubs
* Cleanup
* Basic Mixing
* Tweaks and Effects


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