Paquito D'rivera Music Minus ME Vol. I

Review: Every student of jazz is familiar with play-along instruction books, mainly through the Jamie Aebersold series which has grown into a virtual cottage industry, running to 120 volumes. Aebersold has virtually captured the entire jazz cannon in play-along form and has become an essential part of jazz education.

Recently some new offerings have appeared, particularly in the area of Latin music. Cuban clarinetist/saxophonist, and NEA Jazz Master Paquito D'Rivera, (who has his own volume in the Aebersold series), has now issued two volumes of his own music. The title, Music Minus Me, reflects his playful sense of humor, but the publication itself reflects his mastery of the Latin Jazz genre.

The first book is built around his Havana New York Ensemble, featuring, along with Paquito on clarinet and alto saxophone, the late (and very much missed) Hitlon Ruiz - Piano, Daniel Ponce - Percussion, Ignacio Berroa - Drums and Jeff Fuller - Bass. Paquito also composed the selections: "Waltz For Moe", "Basstronaut", "Song To My Son", "Chucho", "Mariel", "Wapango", "Monk-Tuno" and "New York Is You."

Vol. II features Brazilian Jazz with D'Rivera's N.Y. Rio Connections group. Paquito is again featured on clarinet and alto, this time accompanied by pianist Danilo Perez, Sergio Brandao on bass, Portinho, Drums and Edson "Cafe" Da Silva on percussion. The selections are: "Samba For Carmen", "Song For Maura", "Who's Smokin'?", "The Magic City", "Impressions of Tiananmen Square", "Brussels In The Rain", "Snow Samba", "Song To My Son", "To Brenda (with love)"and "Brazil Blues."

These are top-quality musicians and the recordings reflect this. The charts, while hand written, are clear and easy to read. In the Aebersold mold, they include copies for C, Eb, Bb and bass clef instruments. Along with Paquito's book of "Technical and Articulation Exercises" for Latin music performance.

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