Lick Library - Ultimate Gear Guides Roland Boss GT8 DVD


The essential user guide to the Roland Boss GT-8 presented by Michael Casswell

This superb 2 DVD set takes an in depth look at the endless capabilities of the Roland Boss GT-8

Forget about spending hours reading through a manual you may never understand! This DVD clearly explains the many possibilities of the GT-8 including amp modelling, system set ups and hundreds of effects parameters. The A to Z of the possibilities in this amazing piece of kit are explained concisely in an easy to understand manner.

Michael Casswell is a highly sought after freelance guitarist and producer. He has played and toured with many well known bands and artists as diverse as Brian May, Cozy Powell and Ronan Keating to name just a few. His playing can be heard on numerous film and TV soundtracks.

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Paradigmshift dijo...

Hola lo estoy intentando bajar, pero el link 6 esta roto ¿lo podrias resubir a 4shared?

Paradigmshift dijo...

Hola, estoy intentando bajar pero el link 6 esta roto ¿podrias subirlos a 4shared?

javier el escribidor dijo...

Te quería pedir que subas la parte 6 y la 15 que están caídas.
Excelente tu blog!!!
Me estoy bajando de todo, espero tener tiempo para mirarlos!

javier el escribidor dijo...

Puedes subir los links 6 y 15 que están caídos?
Muchas gracias!
Tu sitio es genial!

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Ya estan reparados los links 6 y 15, ya pueden descargarlos.

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Las partes 6 y 15 no sirven (de nuevo) :/

C#ristian dijo...

No funcionan los links del 6 y 15 (de nuevo) :/

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