Ginger Baker: Master Drum Technique Rapidshare

A unique chance to study with an all-time drum legend! The great rock drummer takes you through a wide range of techniques, from paradiddles, beat displacement, and tom-tom technique through African rhythms, double-bass drum technique and much more. He even takes some examples and puts them into a band situation, also demonstrating his famous soloing style. A must-have disc for all drummers!

Ginger Baker: Master Drum Technique
DVDRip | 704x476 | MPEG-4 1150 kbps | 29.97 fps | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | Audio: AAC 128 kpbs @ 48 KHz | 855 MB
Actors: Ginger Baker | Directors: Hot Licks | Studio: Hot Licks | Run Time: 80 minutes
DVD Release Date: July 14, 2006
Genre: Video Training