PDF Thomas Lang Creative Coordination TORRENT

This three-disc, seven-hour set presents a cutting-edge approach to 21st-century drumming with particular emphasis on coordination and foot technique.
In a step-by-step approach that starts slowly and simply, Thomas lays out a clear and concise method for working up to the kinds of fast, complex and challenging beats that have pushed the boundaries of contemporary Rock, Metal and Fusion music.

Sections Include:

* Advanced Foot-Technique Exercises - Covers the use of single and double-stroke patterns, flam and double-stroke accent patterns and exercises, along with a series of rudimental workouts that show how Thomas has developed the technique for playing multi-pedal orchestrations (M.P.O.s) and foot ostinatos.
* Contemporary Coordination Matrix - Thomas reveals his 'secret formula,' a method for practicing contemporary coordination and independence in the most efficient and time-saving manner. He breaks down his system so that everyone can see how it’s done.
* Modern Playing Concepts - Thomas demonstrates how to apply these 21st-Century drumming concepts to real-life playing situations, showing examples of hardcore-drumming techniques in contemporary musical styles as well as several tour de force drum solos.

Extras include:

* A beautiful four-colour poster with Thomas’ incredible X-Ray drum set on one side and the 'Matrix' on the other.
* An audio commentary track by Thomas
* Bonus chapters on Posture, Seat Height, Balance, Stick Grip, and Practicing.
* Transcriptions (PDF files), a 'tour' of Thomas’ X-Ray Kit and V-Drums Kit
* Bonus V-Drums Solo a visit to Thomas’ home studio
* Live Solo performance
* A photo gallery