Eric Johnson - The Art of Guitar Resubido 19-10-2011

One of the most intriguing, thoughtful and distinctive of today's modern guitar masters gives you an in-depth guide to his approach, style and perspective in this very special DVD presentation.

Eric Johnson took the guitar world by storm with the release of his albums Tones and Ah Via Musicom. His style combines all the technical skill of the Los Angeles MIT generation, but with a delicacy and taste that simultaneously mirrors such legends as Hendrix, Chet Aitkins and Dave Gilmour.

This DVD tutorial brings you two products in one! Part 1 features Eric sharing his 10 'must know' musical concepts in an intimate one-to-one format. Discover the techniques that have contributed to his remarkable style , including his unique perspectives on chords, lead playing, improvisation and song writing.

Part 2 is something very special - a full performance of eight never-before-heard songs alongside Chris Maresh and Tommy Taylor! Multiple widescreen camera angles and fantastic audio get you closer than ever before to the jaw-dropping guitar playing of this unique star.


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sin duda el mejor blog.!!!

gracias por facilitar este material .. muchas gracias.!!

perdon por la patudezzz pero tendras algo de andy timmons ?¿?¿

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SI este blog esta excelente!!! Mil gracias por los super aportes!!!
y pues si, si tienes posibilidades de conseguir algo de timmons te estaremos MUY agradecidos!

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Aca les dejo algo de Andy Timmons, por los que hicieron la petición.

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