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Expanding on the groundbreaking concepts he introduced in his book, The Music Lesson— A Spiritual Search For Growth Through Music (Penguin), master bassist Victor Wooten lays out his unique philosophy of teaching and learning music in Groove Workshop, a new DVD from Hudson Music.

The 2-disc set features nearly five hours of material, including a complete master class where Victor — along with bassist/educator Anthony Wellington and six bass students — uses his personal experience and expertise to delve deeper into rarely discussed, yet vitally important, aspects of music making.

While traditional music education focuses primarily on developing technique and note-perfect performance, professional musicians like Victor know that there’s much more to making music than just playing the right notes. On Groove Workshop, Victor redefines the essential elements of music and demonstrates how to apply them in fresh, creative, musically relevant ways.


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Se ve rebueno, pero los links estan caducados....favor resubanlos


music dijo...

Ya estan actualizados

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me baje este archivo de 4shared de tu usuario musiclinicas Slap Bass Program - Alexis Sklarevski.

Cual es el password ?

He provado todas las ideas que se me han ocurrido y rebuscado por todos lados. Agradeceria el pass y lo intercambiaria. Gracias

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hola, los links estan desactualizados, muchas gracias por toda la info, he encontrado buen material en tu blog, saludos

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Luis ya estan actualizados.

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Muchas gracias, ya lo terminé de descargar. Muy buen dvd! :)

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