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In Bass Extremes, Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten demonstrate how the bass guitar can supply bass lines, piano and guitar-style comping figures, lead solos, and percussion parts, in styles ranging from bebop to new age to heavy metal. Each piece highlights different aspects of their amazing techniques-like Steve's 3-finger technique or his awe-inspiring command of harmonics and chord voicings, or Victor's incredible funk grooves, thumb and 2-handed tapping techniques. Special features include fourths and fifths bonus lesson, Billy Sheehan bonus performance, Bill Dickens DVD preview, printable reference material, matching book and CD preview, Internet connectivity, and additional product previews.

Bass Extremes Live: Steve Bailey & Victor Wooten
DVDRip | 480x352 | AVI | XVID 778 kbps | 29.97 fps | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | MP3 128 kpbs | 721 MB
Actors: Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey | Studio: Warner Brothers Pub. | Run Time: 45 minutes
DVD Release Date: May 10, 2004

Size : 721 MB

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