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Zakk Wylde has been one of my favourite guitarists since the first time I heard him back in about ‘97. His style of pure speed shredding mesmerized me. For those of you who are new to Zakk, he started as Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist in 1988, he had a side band Pride and Glory in the early 90’s, and then formed Black Label Society after that. His style is unique and is nobody’s but his own. Obviously he is famous for a few things like his use of pinch harmonics and “chickin-pickin”. But he still preaches the basics: Start off slow and build up speed.
Zakk Wylde – Pentatonic Hardcore

The following video is probably Zakk Wylde’s most famous. I believe it was originally distributed by the magazine Young Guitar. The instructional video is an hour long and has Zakk going through many different basic and advanced skills including Pentatonic scales, chickin-pickin licks, vibrato, pinch harmonics, alternate picking and much more. If you follow this video and practise it every day for about 3 years, maybe you will be able to shred like him.

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Gustavo dijo...

Murieron los links, una lastima.

music dijo...

Hola gustavo, ya cambie los links, gracias por reportar los links caducados, espero que disfrutes este video, por cierto si deseas el dvd completo, no AVI como este, me avisas.

Gustavo dijo...

Mil gracias, ya lo estoy bajando, me gustaria mucho el dvd pero lamentablemente tengo una conexión de 256kb y bajar 4gb me lleva mucho tiempo, si algún dia puedo conseguir una conexión respetable te aviso..


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