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Anyone can learn to play drums, and Teach Me Drums DVD makes it easy. Clear, step by step instruction will have you playing in less time than you ever thought possible. Start with the basics, like setting up and tuning your drums, then learn to play beats, fills, grooves and special techniques. The standard DVD format allows you to learn with the convenience of watching a movie, and the interactivity of using a software program.

Features & Benefits:

* You'll learn quickly and easily with demonstrations, video close-ups and one-on-one instruction.
* You'll learn the basics, like how to hold your sticks, tune your heads, strike your drums and play simple beats.
* You'll advance to learning rolls, fills, special techniques and more advanced drum grooves.
* The DVD format lets you easily review, slow down, and loop sections so you can get the most out of each lesson.
* You can jam with the included *play-along* songs.
* You'll learn how to assemble and care for your drum kit.

Voyetra Teach Me Drums Tutorial DVDR | 4.1 GB



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estaa rebuena la pagina pero estos links aparecen expirados,,, y necestio porque estoy recien aprendiendo...

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