Guitar Method in the Style of Metallica - Curt Mitchell

In this video, instructor Curt Mitchell shows viewers how to play guitar in the manner of the popular group Metallica. Techniques are shown both at regular and slow speeds and each segment features tight close-ups. Over 50 Metallica techniques are taught, including the run-jen-jen rhythm, speed picking, minor scale patterns, and moveable power chords.

DVDrip | English | MP3 @ 128kbps | 640x480 | Xvid @ 1526kbps | NTSC (29.97 fps) | 1h:04s

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Holaaa !!! buenas tardes te escribo pa decirte que la parte numero 7 de:
GUITAR METHOD IN THE STYLE OF METALLICA - CURT MITCHELL esta dañada me harias el favor de repararla !!!! te agradeceria muchoo !!!!! y espero la reparacion por favor !! y gracias por este gran aporte !=)

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