Rock Drumming System Beginner Workbook


Beginner DVD/Book Combo

The beginner pack contains everything you will ever need to master important fundamental drumming concepts, including: drum set tuning, kit setup, how to hold the drumsticks, bass drum technique, hi-hat technique, reading drum notation, understanding drum theory, quarter note beats, eighth note beats, sixteenth note beats, how to play with groove, half bar fills, eighth note fills, two bar fills, sixteenth note fills, single stroke roll exercises, double stroke roll exercises, and single paradiddle exercises.

The professionally printed workbook includes 24 pages of detailed lesson material, and the companion DVD video includes over 2 hours and 15 minutes of video training. This section alone covers over 115 patterns that you can immediately use in your everyday drumming!

Rock Drumming System Beginner Workbook, Incluye DvdRip y el Libro en PDF

Size : 1.32 GB

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