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Advanced DVD/Book Combo

The advanced pack includes some really creative patterns that will give you true power and control over the entire drum set. The included lessons cover all sorts of challenging lesson content, including: broken-up hi-hat patterns, sixteenth note triplet beats, ride/hi-hat combinations, open/close hi-hat patterns, complex tom beats, crossover patterns, cymbal choking, two-bar beats, two-handed hi-hat beats, linear drumming, half-bar fills, two-bar fills, sixteenth note triplet fills, 32nd note fills, hand/feet combinations, 5/4 time signature beats, 5/4 time signature fills, 6/8 time signature beats, 7/4 time signature beats, 7/4 time signature fills, an advanced version of Jared's note value exercise, single stroke roll fills, double stroke roll fills, and single paradiddle fills!

The book includes 39 pages of detailed lesson material, and the companion DVD video includes over 2 hours and 20 minutes of video training. This section alone covers over 180 patterns that will challenge you, and take your playing to new heights!

Disco Avanzado Incluye DvdRip y el Libro en PDF

 Rock Drumming System Advanced Workbook, Incluye DvdRip y el Libro en PDF

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