Robin Trower Guitar Signature Licks Cd and Pdf Rapidshare

English rocker Robin Trower has earned a rabid following for his guitar work with Procol Harum and on his solo records. This book/CD provides an in-depth look at his powerful, soulful playing by exploring his most famous licks from a dozen songs, including: Bridge of Sighs • Daydream • I Can’t Stand It • Little Bit of Sympathy • Living Out of Time • Too Rolling Stoned • and more.

Contents :

* Day Of The Eagle
* Little Bit Of Sympathy
* Too Rolling Stoned
* Bridge Of Sighs
* Bluebird
* Daydream
* I Can’t Stand It
* Long Misty Days
* For Earth Below
* I Can’t Wait Much Longer
* Messin’ The Blues
* Living Out Of Time
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CD is embedded in the PDF.
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